The How and Why of Zip and Abby

As babies and toddlers we learn to speak and understand without memorizing lists of vocabulary words and without studying rules of grammar.

Zip and Abby helps children learn math language in this natural way. By associating pictures with sentences children gain fluency with the words and phrases they need to learn the math taught in school.

Each lesson has two parts:

       Part 1:  A set of 16 items in which children match pictures and sentences.

       Part 2:  A story based on those sentences.

In Part 1, children choose a picture that goes with each spoken sentence.  If they choose incorrectly, they choose again. Still not right, they simply choose again. 

This is how we learn to speak. Instant feedback. No pressure. No penalty. No score-keeping.  (Think of a child saying, “I runned all the way.” An adult might respond, “Yes, you ran all the way.”)

This natural learning method has been used successfully for decades to teach second languages.

In Part 2, children are entertained by a story that provides more exposure to the words and phrases emphasized in the lesson.


Using the App

Zip and Abby can be used by most children independently. But you may enjoy sharing the Zip and Abby experience with your child, You may want to go through lessons a second time, perhaps reading the words together. Or you may want to simply observe, or just enjoy the story together. 

Use the info button on upper right of screen to navigate and change settings:

            Turn sound on or off.

            Turn text on or off.   Note – Text cannot be displayed during story.

            Purchase additional lessons.

            Return to home screen (main menu).

To return to the beginning of a lesson at any time:

Info button – Home – Select lesson

After completing a lesson, some children will want to move on to the next lesson right away.  Others will want to hear the story again, or replay the matching items.  Still others will want to rest and come back at a later time. 

 Above all, keep the experience enjoyable.