Words2Math Level E

Language of Fractions

Alpha Version for Limited Field Testing

A Little Background

We do a good job teaching students to count and do arithmetic. But not well at teaching them to understand math enough to learn more or to solve real-world problems.

A large part of this failure stems from children not being ready to learn math because they lack a mastery of the language. It’s much more difficult to learn a subject if you don’t speak and understand the language.

Memorizing a procedure for adding 1/3 and 3/4 is not the same as understanding why the sum must be greater 1.

Purpose of Words2Math

By focusing on language, Words2Math(W2M) makes it easier for students to learn (and for teachers to teach) the math students need: in school, in business, in the military. It supplements any program or instructional approach being used.

  • W2Mdoes this by teachingverbal and visual fluency in math.
  • W2M uses the proven methods commonly used for teaching second languages.
  • The first level of W2M, Zip and Abby,is in its third year of field testing, and ready to go. Of the thousands of math apps for preschoolers, it is the only one that focuses on math language.
  • Work has begun on later levels addressing language and visualization of Fractions, Percent, and Percent change.

Notes About Alpha Version

  • For testing purposes, this alpha version of Language of Fractions is a condensed form of future final versions. The items come from various levels of Words2Math. The final version will have more deliberate pacing.
  • This alpha version will run on any desktop or laptop computer.It may not display properly on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Unlike the alpha version of Percent, there is no audio, only text.
  • The images in Fractions are duplicates of images in Percent.

Alpha Version Sample Content

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