Thanks to Zip and Abby, my Kindergarten class got better and better at understanding word problems and math instruction in general. The program’s simplicity and the look and sound of the story characters kept my students engaged in and out of school. I feel they are now more prepared for Common Core math.

Zia Elementary School
Albuquerque, NM

I used Zip and Abby during the second half of the 2015-16 school year and plan to continue with this year’s class. Most of my students are Hispanic, many of whom are ELL. I haven’t seen any other material that focuses on the kind of natural and correct math language that children need to succeed in math and to feel better about themselves.

We teachers are so busy these days, that I really appreciated how effortless it was for me and my kids to start using Zip and Abby right away. A great thing about it is not only were my kids able to use the program on their own, but the sentences in each lesson serves as a springboard for critical discussions about math ideas.

Last year’s Kinder garteners are in first grade now and still experiencing the positive effects of Zip and Abby, and returning to play it again and again.

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