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Words2Math Level A: Zip and Abby

Field Test – Third Cycle
2017 – 2018

We welcome you to join the field test. There is no obligation. You may use Zip and Abby when and if you wish.

During the field test, you get

  • Unlimited access to Zip and Abby.
  • Access to information about how often your students use the app and which lessons they complete.
  • Special access to the author of Zip and Abby, in case you have questions, comments or suggestions.
  • One pass code that you and your students can use.

With the class passcode, each student can

  • Log on with a unique username, chosen by you or the student.
  • Use Zip and Abby whenever he or she wishes from any computer, laptop or smartphone.

To get a class pass code

  • Fill out and submit a request form.

Please send me a passcode for my class.

* indicates required

Privacy Policy

All student information is anonymous. Only someone, like you, who knows a student’s username, will be able to match the usage information to the student.

For each username, the app keeps track of:

  • Date and length of each session and the type of device used.
  • Lessons and items completed to date.
  • Total time spent to date.

Follow Up

At the end of the field test, we may invite you to let us know about your experience with Zip and Abby. It will be an opportunity for you to help shape the continuing development of Words2Math.